Different kind of brainstorming


So, the Stockholm Film Club brainstorming session has yet to happen. I’m hopefully meeting up with the group on October 6th to discuss their plans and go from there. It will be really interesting to see and hear what they are planning. However, I discovered in the week that Stockholm Cinemateket are having a Max Ophuls retrospective in November and Letter from an Unknown Woman is showing. This film changed my perspective of film and opened up so many layers of interpretation. I fought to find originality in my analysis of the film; it’s thoroughly rich in so many ways.

Moreover, despite the lack of a working ‘film’ lunch, we finally have a conference room set up in the house and every Sunday a group of super fabulous, interesting and important people – plus me – get together for an Empower Network/Big Idea Mastermind workshop. I’m still unsure as to whether the platform is for me, but maybe I’m thinking about it too much and should just do it! There is a lot of information to absorb and my brain needs to filter out all the jargon and compress what is left into the wonderful part of my brain that makes sense of it all. I’ll let you know when i figure it out. Alternatively, anyone involved in the Empower Network/BMI blogging  platform please let me know how you’re getting on. Any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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