Truth and justice the British way!

R.I.P DS Justin Ripley

R.I.P DS Justin Ripley

There are some interesting things at play in episode 3 of Luther. Relationships and the ethics of the law are all brought into question in one of the most intelligent and compelling episodes of the series so far. These are relatively common themes throughout the series, but in relation to where the main protagonist is right now, it’s an extremely interesting character and plot development. Moreover, with the possibility of this series being the last, the ideas seem to form a circular structure whereby links to Henry Madsen and other areas of Luther’s past begin to connect. There is still the matter of awkward dialogue, but with the consistent use of a striking visual style – this week it exudes the style of such torture/horror films as Hostel and Saw, which is in keeping with the cinematic feel of the series – and it’s daring, boundary-pushing attitude to be the antithesis of everything that came before, all is definitely forgiven…

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