Luther Series 3 Episode 2


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This week’s episode of Luther is much more reserved and dilute. The mixture of excitement and terror present in the season opener has been watered down in favour of a more sinister, psychological approach.

Ronny Holland, the lead detective on the Shoreditch Creeper murders is found bludgeoned to death in his own home. The motive behind his murder is believed to be that Holland could have connected the Shoreditch murders to the deaths of Emily Hammond, Dani Lane and Craig Lane. However, the 64 million dollar question on everyone’s mind is why did Holland open the door to this person? 99% of the time, a victim is killed by a person they know or with whom they had regular contact – a statistical summation after years of watching serial crime dramas. Like Holland, Luther entertains the same principle believing that somehow the past and the present must be connected.

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