Les Revenants (The Returned)

‘A zombie thriller like no other…a nifty nail biter.’New York Times


Thanks to the BBC Four, subtitled dramas are high fashion right now. Saturday night is no longer dubbed as the night to go out, but the night to stay in and immerse yourself in the latest that European television has to offer. Channel 4 has now executed this method by showing the mysterious and compelling 8-part French supernatural thriller, Les Revenants, on Sundays at 9pm.

If you are enjoying the series so far, you may be interested to know that Arrow Films have announced the release of the original film on UK DVD on Monday 22nd July 2013 – around the time the series will finish on TV. This is a fantastic opportunity to see how the film compares with the series and specifically how they deal with multiple characters in differing time frames.

‘Engagingly original’ – Reeling reviews

SYNOPSIS: The recently dead return to life and seem content merely to
go back to their former lives, but their return causes a myriad
of complications. Isham  and Véronique have their trepidations,
but they’re generally happy, at first, to see their little boy Sylvain,
and the town’s elderly mayor welcomes home his wife, Martha .
But Rachel, a government health official, cannot bring herself to
visit her newly returned husband, Mathieu, at the ad-hoc shelter
where the government houses the “zombies” like refugees.
Eventually, she relents, and Mathieu returns home, but the living
find that their loved ones are not exactly as they remember them.
Studies soon reveal that the dead suffer from a form of aphasia.
They cannot create new memories, and they cannot be trusted to
perform any but the most menial tasks. Perhaps sensing the
discomfort they cause the living, the dead gather together at night,
and seem to be formulating some kind of secret plan.

View the trailer here

Preorder the DVD from amazon.co.uk



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