Witte Wolken (White Clouds)


Witte Wolken is the debut feature film from Dutch filmmaker Eva Knoet. The film has been made on an incredibly low budget in just over 6 months thanks to a wonderful team of volunteers who have dedicated so much time and effort to bringing this project to fruition.

You can view the international trailer HERE

What’s it all about?

Witte Wolken follows the lives of several people who experience a great loss in their lives. The news of their loss is communicated to them in a variety of forms: a text message, a phone call and a letter. These methods of communication look set to question correspondence in the modern age and how it has a detrimental effect on everyday relationships. Moreover, emotion is at the very heart of this film, as we will see how each character deals with their bereavement.

Although the film has yet to be released, it has garnered a lot of attention from the local press and it has even gained some international attention – namely in Australia where Eva completed her Masters degree – You can view the MegaPhoneOZ article HERE.

Witte Wolken is due to premiere in The Netherlands on Monday!!!!

You can help Witte Wolken get the premiere it deserves by donating as little as €15. Your kind donation will be going a long way and it will also get you some great behind the scenes goodies such as extended videos from the cast and crew who can tell you more about the film and the production process.

You might be one of the lucky few that manages to win tickets to the film’s premiere (travel not included). How cool would that be?

DONATE HERE – Hurry, there’s only a few days left to do this!

Where can I find out more?

You can start by looking at the exclusive Witte Wolken webpage on Plucky Penguin Pictures, Eva’s production company.

IMDB – The official IMDB page for Witte Wolken.

So, get clicking and find out more about this great project. You really will be helping someone’s dream come true!


2 thoughts on “Witte Wolken (White Clouds)

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    Lizzie Taylor is one of the finest writers currently reviewing European films and TV series. She’s got beyond a Kickstarter campaign to fund what looks to be a very interesting Dutch film.

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