The Hunt (2012)


Click here for my review of Thomas Vinterberg’s The Hunt.




2 thoughts on “The Hunt (2012)

  1. The home entertainment release of this movie occurs at a time when popular journalistic discourse is perpetuating a narrative which classifies the masculine as a destructive social force. That your post was published on the same day as an arrest in the Yewtree investigation and Mick Philpott was sentenced for mass manslaughter is purely coincidental and yet it invites the reader to compare and contrast the fictional events portrayed in the film with those being documented by news media.

    As always, you’ve constructed a peerless review which addresses the thematic issues contained within the film, places the work of its key personnel within a wider cannon, and contains enough information for a reader who might be inclined to further explore any other films made by the creative personnel.

    This is a film that will remain with me for the rest of my days. The protagonist’s emotional arc still haunts me several days after viewing the movie. Revisiting and reversing themes employed in Festen in the context about of a debate about the validity of child testimony and the extent to which investigative procedure might, in certain instances, lead to the accuser absorbing and repeating judicially specific schema is controversial and yet relevant to wider cultural debates. Your post highlights the specific narrative tension and the emotional state a viewer might be in after the end credits have rolled and as such is to be commended. Looking forward to reading your next review.

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